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A lost art in this modern world

March 2nd, 2020

How beautiful it was to communicate through letters. And how sad that it has been lost over time.

Today, people are in such a hurry that writing a message on WhatsApp is already a lot and we turn to voice messages. Imagine what it is to write an email.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that taking advantage of new technologies is bad, far from it. It is also true that nothing can ever be compared with having a one-to-one meeting with someone and looking into their eyes while talking to them -seeing how all sorts of emotions pass through their faces as they tell us their stories...

But when people are far away, I believe, in addition to the occasional calls and video calls; writing as they used to do before, often and intentionally, is something very valuable and important.

For me, writing a letter is a magic ritual.

You spend time in your hectic life to be alone in front of a blank paper. That paper is special because it will reach the hands of someone whom you consider important enough to devote that time and those words, which are not dedicated to anyone but that person.

It’s not just answering a message in WhatsApp in a matter of seconds, it’s taking your time to organize your thoughts and then translate them on paper.

There is no autocorrector nor a virtual assistant that suggests words based on what you have written before. It is you, with your mind and heart nothing more.

*sigh* How I miss writing letters...!

And now I ask you, have you ever written letters or maintained contact with someone through them?

I’d like to read you on the comments section (:

See you soon,
Miranda ♥︎

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